3D printing PEKK on the platform: a High Performance Polymer!

Among the high performance polymers, PEKK (Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone) offers outstanding properties. It is light, rigid and extremely resistant!

On the platform we print PEEK from Armor whose characteristics are: Tg 160°C and Tf 300°C

Vascular Branching 3D Printing!

3d.FAB platform printing branched vessels with an extreme flexibility and …

… printed in Z-axis without additional support!

Our paper « Human skin 3D bioprinting using scaffold free approach »: one of the most downloaded and read publications in Advanced Healthcare Materials over the last month!

The paper is freely accessible for a limited period of time and is highlighted on the website Advanced Science News.

« EuroSciCon Conference on 3D Printing » on September 17-18, 2018 at Lisbon, Portugal

Come and meet us during the EuroSciCon Conference with the presence of Dr. Edwin-Joffrey COURTIAL, co-chairman, for an oral presentation under the track: 3D Printing Innovation and Technical Application